Justin Castelan, Barrister

Justin has been at the Victorian Bar for 18 years and specialises in defamation and commercial law. He set up this blog in 2012 to specifically write on developments in defamation and media law in Australia and throughout the common law world. Since that time he has posted more than 100 articles and contributed to other publications such as The International Forum for Responsible Media Blog in the UK.

He has been engaged as Counsel to act for many clients, including business people, political identities, sportspeople, internet publishers and Australian film bodies. Presently, he acts for Whirlpool, the largest internet forum in Australia, having more than 800,000 registered members and the publisher of more than 2.4 million threads. He is a regular speaker for the Leo Cussen Institute on the topic of Defamation Law on the internet.

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Recent cases in defamation law

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Market collapses for share trader’s defamation claims: Jones & Australian Shareholder Centre PL v Aussie Networks PL & Eiby [2018] QSC 219

The first defendant owned and ran an internet forum, Aussie Stock Forums, used to discuss topics related to the stock market and investments. The second defendant was its sole director and shareholder. He left a comment on the forum in response to a request for information about Australian Shareholder Centre PL (ASC), who, together with…

The defendant

Guilty of $3.75 million radio defamation? … Mr Jones I presume: Wagner v Harbour Radio PL & Ors [2018] QSC 201

Denis, John, Neill and Joe Wagner are brothers from Toowoomba and the owners of a highly successful family business. Their father, Henry had conducted a concrete quarry, stone masonry and earthmoving business. The sons rapidly expanded the business into areas such as reinforced steel, concrete crushing and a public airport. In 1994, they bought a…


Lying defamation defendant shot down by Sporting Shooters – $887,027.66 in damages: Moroney v Zegers [2018] VSC 448

For a short time in 2012, Karel Zegers was the Acting President of the Victorian branch of the Sporting Shooters Association of Australia (SSAAV).  His position on the Board was up for election in August that year and he decided to set up a website to run his campaign: shootersvictoria.com. He lost the election and…

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